there are never any pencils


I think we are finally — after months of chaos and upheaval — settling into a comfortable homeschool rhythm.  It helps (me) that the house is a bit more in order now; we’re hanging things on the walls and organizing closets that have been in disarray since moving day.  I’m working with the girls to keep their school and art supplies organized.  For some reason we have every art and craft supply under the sun, yet the humble, essential pencil always goes missing.  Bea and I sharpened half a box of them the other day and I’ve been reminding the girls to place them back in the proper jar, so we’ve had about a week now without scrambling around the house every time someone needs a pencil.  Sometimes it’s the little things.DSC_0163 DSC_0164

We’ve been working on familiarizing Bea with numbers and letters, and also writing her name.  I’ve been using the alphabet printables from this site and she loves to do rainbow writing (writing the letter or number over and over again with different colored markers).
DSC_0165 DSC_0167 DSC_0170 DSC_0171
We’ve been doing art more regularly, and it has been welcomed back into our lives with joy from all corners.  Adeline has been having fun using Ed Emberley’s fingerprint drawing booksDSC_0177 DSC_0179 DSC_0182

We printed out some play money to use in our alphabet store.  Both girls like this game, and it helps Bea with letter recognition and Adeline with addition.DSC_0187 DSC_0189

Our devotions lately have revolved around the Lord’s Prayer, using the activities found here.DSC_0203

These winter days have been cold, often with crazy wind, so we find ourselves indoors much of the time.  Bea will keep herself occupied for a long time with the Play-Doh supplies; Adeline has been reading chapter books and practicing songs on her accordion.  We are all wishing for warmer days — or at least some snow to go out and play in.


4 thoughts on “there are never any pencils

  1. i love seeing what you are doing for school! i’ve found it difficult to find a groove with this homeschool thing. at first i was overly concerned and stressed about not sticking to a rigid schedule, but later i realized that that is the beauty of homeschooling: you can fit it in where it works best in the day, even in the evenings! so i’ve decided to embrace the chaos and look on the bright side: being flexible with the schedule has allowed us to be more spontaneous and creative, in addition to giving us the freedom to visit friends and go on outings–things abram and i both crave. and because we will homeschool year-round, i no longer get uptight about missing a day or two of lessons here and there.

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