feathering the nest


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In a little over two months we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary in this house.  And I feel like we are still unpacking and moving in.  In the past couple months we finally hung some stuff on the walls, put up shelves, did some little projects we’ve been intending to do since we moved in last May.  We now have enough space for our books.  The girls have a gallery for their art.  We even made a heart mobile for Valentine’s day (that may just stay up all year round).  It’s good to feel a little more settled — and organized!


7 thoughts on “feathering the nest

  1. Beautiful home, Sara! I spied the Phoebe Woehl calendar…love it! I didn’t get one this year but I was eyeing one on the Taproot website. I love your shelving…I think we should incorporate some like it in our basement. Where did you get yours?

    • Thanks, Heidi! I do love that calendar! We ordered the tracks and brackets and shelves through the building supply company here in town. We got the particle board shelves because they were already white — I knew if we went with real wood we would take forever to get them painted — but they’re not the sturdiest. Still, we’re making do!

  2. It looks great! How are feeling? I’ve got quite a bit of nesting to do before I feel ready to have this little one. P.S. – I’ve got a post up you might find interesting, I tried to be as nice as possible to Emily.

  3. Sara, I love what you’ve done with your nest! Love those shelves. We’ll have to try the heart mobile and the art gallery idea! Can’t wait to “meet/see” baby #3!

  4. The art gallery is fantastic!! If I only had a hallway. 🙂 Or any amount of wall space. Looks great there. Hope that means you are feeling well! We just recently started taking care of a 3mo old a few days a week. Getting a taste of what it would be like if I had 4! No plans for that though. 🙂

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