now I’m knitting


I haven’t unpacked my sewing machine since we moved — and did I mention we’re approaching one year in this house?!  For several reasons, it has been easier of late to pick up the knitting needles rather than try to tackle the half-unpacked boxes in my sewing space.  So.  Here are a couple finished projects: first, an Irish hiking scarf for Adeline made with Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed.  I’ve used this yarn for several projects, as it always seems to be on sale at our local yarn shop.  And I finally realized during this project that I just don’t love it.  It is a cotton/wool blend and I don’t like the way it drapes.  And knitting with yarn you don’t love is just laborious.  So I’ve given myself permission not to use this (or any) yarn I don’t love in the future — and I’ll be more careful when picking out yarn from the bargain room.


Next up: tiny pants in KnitCol for the yet-to-be-born one.  These were so fun and quick to make!  I promise you that the legs aren’t really lopsided, it’s just the angle of the photo.  I’ll get a better picture when he is wearing them.

I figured since the needles were flying I would try to squeeze in a few more projects before spring (and baby and garden) brings my knitting season to an end.  I may have been overly ambitious in my planning.

DSC_0017 Some of them may languish half-finished over the summer, but for now I’m enjoying working on a boneyard shawl, a puerperium cardigan, and a little something for Bea.



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