the summer that is

Let’s not talk about all the plans I had for this summer.  Let’s not mention the weekly beach trips that haven’t happened, the perennial beds that haven’t been mulched, all those fun programs at the library that we haven’t attended.  And let’s just ignore those hopes and plans I still have for the remaining summer season, which may or may not play out as I want.
Let’s just focus on this: the summer that is.


These girls.  I can hardly contain my love for these growing-up girls.  I can’t give them the attention they deserve right now (their brother demands more than his fair share).  But I hope they know that they are loved beyond measure.


We almost had a handful of raspberries this year (here’s the photographic evidence), but something else ate them before we got a chance.DSC_0082DSC_0086

It’s been a rainy summer, and for a while we had a big pile of dirt just hanging out in our yard, waiting to fill the raised beds and be made into a garden.  In the interim it was a wonderful, dirty, muddy place for all the neighborhood kids to play. Mud has played a big part in this summer.DSC_0101DSC_0129

This girl.  She’s a bookworm.

Look at all that hair!  Will has been losing his hair; he temporarily sported a faux hawk but now is mostly bald.  Bea loves to snuggle him.


I’ve been having some mental anguish about all the stuff that’s not getting done.  It has been an exercise in letting go, in admitting that I can’t control everything: each time I walk through the gardens while holding the baby, staring at all those weeds that I can’t pull or the eggplant I’ll have to come out and pick later because I can’t reach it now, or seeing how badly the floors need sweeping when I’m holding a sleeping baby and feeling so powerless to do anything (because as soon as I set that baby down he will wake up and I won’t be able to sweep the floor anyway).


Then in scrolling through the archives of this blog looking for baby pictures of the girls, I came across this post and remembered: Oh yeah, I’ve been through this before.  It’ll change soon enough.DSC_0138

And I’m often reminded of a conversation I had with our elderly neighbor at the last home we lived in.  She had a flower garden that, while still boasting a magnificent array of blooms, was also fairly choked with weeds.  And she told me how frustrated she felt that she was no longer able to do the work that garden required; she was dependent on someone else who didn’t do the job quite as well as she would have liked.  At that time Bea was an infant, and I remember thinking that I knew just how she felt, to be dependent on others when you can’t do the jobs you want to do — but in my case it wasn’t that I was physically incapable of doing the work, just that my time was taken up by this tiny person who depended on me for everything.

We will have tomatoes!!


In the early days of summer, the girls spent a lot of time preparing “salads” from the garden — lettuce, spinach, mint, dill, and other herbs, carefully arranged on a frisbee plate or bicycle helmet bowl.
DSC_0070 DSC_0092

Hula hooping.  It’s Adeline’s thing.  We even made our own (though they were possibly the most expensive hula hoops in existence).DSC_0096DSC_0192DSC_0177Yup.  Harry Potter.


DSC_0217We’re using the square foot gardening method this year for everything but tomatoes.


We finally found a piano!  Not just a piano, but also a piano bench filled with vintage lesson books, just the right level for Adeline.  She’s been over the moon about it.DSC_0110DSC_0183DSC_0185DSC_0239

We’ve got a lot of space in our backyard, but it wasn’t a happy place.  Not a place we liked to spend time in.  We’re slowly transforming it, with a patio expansion, a clothesline, a lattice fence for the hops to grow on (and perhaps some clematis as well).  It’s working: we spend more time out there already.



4 thoughts on “the summer that is

  1. You’re so right…the day that is…is always better than some imaginary or planned day…just enjoy it…you have such a handsome boy…and the fattest cat I’ve seen in a while…

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. I really enjoy reading about your life with your growing family. It’s wonderful to see how you are doing more with your children, than worry about what doesn’t get done.
    They will remember that about their growing up years!

  3. I think your summer is sounding very productive and fun so far. But I understand where you are coming from. Here is a quick breakdown of my last 4 summers : 2010 – Pregnant 6 months to full term in mid-September, 2011 – Try doing anything with a walking, running, trouble making 10 month to 1 yo???, 2012 – Pregnant and on bed rest for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy for early labor risk and then newborn that breastfed every hour, then this year : 12 month old walking, running, trouble maker and an almost 4 year old that loves to “help”… LOL! Letting go is the only sane move here I think! 🙂

    Your babies are beautiful!

  4. at least you have an excuse for not pulling weeds! truth is, there’s always something that needs to be done that i never get to or put off for another day (or month). somehow i think that will never change, no matter how old the kids are. but it’s okay. trying to make everything fit together perfectly in this life is not only futile, it makes me grumpy. so i say screw perfection. 😉

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