feathering the nest


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In a little over two months we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary in this house.  And I feel like we are still unpacking and moving in.  In the past couple months we finally hung some stuff on the walls, put up shelves, did some little projects we’ve been intending to do since we moved in last May.  We now have enough space for our books.  The girls have a gallery for their art.  We even made a heart mobile for Valentine’s day (that may just stay up all year round).  It’s good to feel a little more settled — and organized!



this weekend

we baked oatmeal cookies in a thunderstorm
while Bea stood at the sink “washing” dishes for nearly an hour
(what she really did was take half the clean dishes out of the drying rack and put them back into the greasy dishwater)

the weather was gray

we played mancala (me and Adeline)
and guitar (daddy)
and read books (all of us)

we ate spinach & ricotta pizza
and chicken soup with rice
and sausage rolls

sang a long-distance “Happy Birthday” to Grammie
(Happy Birthday, Mom!)

we made (another) trip to the greenhouse

we are ready for some sunshine
and getting our hands in the dirt

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