First Brew

Creamy Summer Ale

Cream Ale

Here’s some visual confirmation on my first ever home brew–alongside a plate which at one time held a delicious BLT.  The brew materials came as part of a kit from Northern Brewer in Roseville, MN and were put together properly with help and under the supervision of my friend Paul.  Paul is a seasoned veteran when it comes to homemade brew, and I serve as his apprentice in this simultaneously thirst creating and quenching activity.  Thanks Paul!

Overall, I am happy with the final product and do believe it conforms to the description of a cream ale (or lawnmower beer) which came with the kit.  Here’s a description for anyone who’s interested: A light, clean fermenting ale modeled after the “cream lagers” of the northeast United states.  Low in gravity, long in flavor, this beer is a pale thirst-quencher, great for brewing and enjoying in the summertime.

Next brew on the list is an IPA (and then maybe some root beer for Christmas!).   Stay tuned.