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I am a prairie girl.  I have lived most of my life on the open plains.  And I know a lot of people who claim the flat landscape of the Dakotas is boring, empty, and just, well, flat.  But the great thing about all that flatness is it really opens up the sky, it really lets you see what’s going on up there, out there.  The scenery changes dramatically depending on what kind of clouds, if any, are floating by or rolling in or blanketing the earth, causing shifts in light and shadow.  And the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen have happened right in my tiny hometown in northern South Dakota (ok, the sunsets on the beaches of Hawaii aren’t bad either!). 

I know these types of weather patterns happen everywhere, but here on the plains we are fortunate enough to have easy access to the sight of them on a large scale (I always wonder why Montana gets the distinction of being called “Big Sky Country”; I think it’s much more fitting here).  When we lived in St Louis, and during our travels to the Northeast Coast and to the South, I always felt a little clausterphobic, like all the buildings and trees and hills were closing in on me and I could never just see miles and miles of horizon around me.  So, since we’re finally back home in the real Big Sky Country, I’d like to do some posts devoted to the great Dakota Sky.   Anyway, I will be pointing my camera skyward for awhile, and if you’d like to see all of the results, you may find them here.