folk fest

We almost didn’t go.  There were a million reasons not to: logistical, financial, time constraints, a toddler.  But for whatever reason, we overcame the hump.  We made it out the door.  And (as usually is the case) we were so glad we did.

This was our 2nd annual trip to the Sioux River Folk Festival (which is in its 33rd year).  We had such a great time last year, though we had to cut it short because of the little people.  This year we managed to stick around a little longer.  The weather was made-to-order amazing.  With high temps in the mid-80s, people were pulling on jackets and sweaters toward evening (we’ve grown so accustomed to 100 degree days!).

I can’t say enough good things about this festival.  The bands were amazing.  They have an area set up for kids to do projects and games.  There’s plenty of shade.  And they usually have really cool t-shirts.

But one of my favorite things?  This crazy blue and floral print fringed umbrella.  In the last photo, you can just barely see it — in the middle, far in the background.  Last year we sat near the people who own this umbrella, and I became completely enamored with it.  (I still dream of finding one like it someday…)  The whole day I was obsessed with getting a picture of it without drawing the attention of the men sitting at the table under it (I know — I should have just asked them.  The thing is, they didn’t look super-friendly.   They did not look like the sort of people you would expect to find sitting under a blue and floral print fringed umbrella.)  I did finally get a photo of it, which you can see here.

Adeline’s favorite thing?  Definitely the grape soda.  This girl has the memory of an elephant, and when we told her we were going to this festival that we had been to last summer, she said, “You mean the place where I used the porta-potty and had a grape soda?”  Jake and I had completely forgotten about that soda, til she mentioned it (but she was right — here’s the proof).  I was so impressed that she remembered, we had to get her another one — you know, to keep tradition alive.


6 thoughts on “folk fest

  1. I love this festival. I’ve only been once and it was probably over ten years ago, but I remember loving it. 🙂 My kids’ memories are always linked to what they ate or drank, too. Silly. So did you camp there or was it somewhere else?

    • It was at Newton Hills, but no, we didn’t camp. I wanted to make sure the girls were rested and ready to stay all day for the music. Maybe someday, when we’ve had more camping experience!

  2. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I know the struggle of getting out the door & then that grateful feeling once you are there & having a wonderful time. I wish we lived closer; it looks like something we would have enjoyed! xo

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