family art projects

Jake has been carving some linoleum stamps.  Very fun!


We tried using one of the stamps on a onesie with fabric paint, but it didn’t turn out too well.  Bea doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Using the directions in The Creative Family, Jake used a freezer-paper stencil to make …

…this “half pint” onesie for some homebrewing friends of ours.  (Or rather, for their daughter.)  We’re not so clever, really; we were inspired by this one.

Adeline and I decoupaged this thrifted tray (a project in Handmade Home) with pictures from a Little Golden Book that was beyond repair.  There is something weirdly addictive about Mod Podge that makes me want to glue cut-up paper onto everything … I’m thinking this project might be next.

Adeline has finally begun drawing people.  I’ve been waiting for this stage for forever!  I love those little heads with arms and legs coming out.  I also love to hear her talk about her art as she’s working.
“Mom, my people only have a head, legs, arms and feet.”
“It’s hard to walk with two people on your head, isn’t it?” (She’s been drawing acrobats, lots of people stacked on top of each other.)
“This one has long hair.  That means it’s a girl.”


7 thoughts on “family art projects

  1. We love the 1/2 pint outfit and the guitar stamp looks awesome! Maybe you could try some fabric stamping crayons. Please share the how to!

  2. every time i go to hobby lobby i take a moment to gaze longingly at the block-printing and linoleum-carving tools. it’s been years since i’ve done any printing, and i’ve always wanted to try silk-screening. wouldn’t it be fun to own a custom t-shirt shop? it’s in my top 5 desirable occupations.

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